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VIVATEQ is a pan-European distributor of RTI‘s advanced control solutions
and is offering the MYRTI website on its own initiative. vivateq

What is the purpose of this website?

VIVATEQs goal with the MYRTI website is to provide an information service.
We want to offer a central database for all the RTI 2-way drivers available in
different parts of the world and ease the access to them. VIVATEQ is not
responsible or liable for any promised features or specs of any 2-way driver
in the MYRTI database.

This website is not intended to replace the RTI developer forum.
We consider it to be an additional service. VIVATEQ is not involved in
selling licenses, except for our own developments.

How can I post drivers?

If you are an authorized developer and you want to see your beautiful drivers
published on MYRTI, download the required info form sheet and get in touch
with our support team.



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